Run the numbers on an inflight Wi-Fi investment

The Gogo ROI calculator

Find out exactly how long it will take your organization to realize a return on your Gogo inflight internet investment, and, more importantly, how much it can add in new revenue.

Simply enter your aircraft information into the ROI calculator to determine:

  • How many additional flight hours you’ll need to reach the pay back point
  • How to customize your payback period based on what’s right for your business
  • How much additional charter profit you’ll earn per month after the pay back period
"Customers want to be able to stay in touch constantly. In the charter world, an aircraft that has Wi-Fi will be continuously in demand and an aircraft that doesn't simply won't."
- Denise Wilson, President and CEO, Desert Jet
About GOGO:
For more than 25 years, Gogo Business Aviation has been giving business aviators the connectivity and entertainment solutions they need to fly smarter worldwide. From blazing fast inflight Internet to e-mail, voice, texting, streaming movies, TV episodes, news, weather, cockpit data and more – Gogo makes it possible for people in the air to stay seamlessly connected to their work, life and play, worldwide.